Careers with Maladex

We are in a constant search of the top talent to join us on the mission to revolutionise finance.

We are a group of industry professionals with big hearts and dreams. You can expect challenging projects, flat organisational hierarchy, and the culture of learning and problem solving

We look to hire:

To apply, send your CV to careers(at)maladex(dot)com. Please, include any links not present on your CV (e.g., LinkedIn, GitHub). It is not required to write a motivational letter. However, it will help us to better understand your reason for applying and get to know you better.

Haskell Developer

We look for Haskell developers to work on off-chain and on-chain code.

You should be fluent in Haskell, be familiar with cloud development tools, and ideally know a few other programming languages and have experience in developing back-end.

The role is focused on writing Haskell code, but additional skills will increase the impact you can have on the project.

Knowledge of Plutus and financial engineering is a plus, but you can learn it on the job.

Front-End Developer

We look for front-end developers to work on the trading app and additional tooling. Web is the primary interface to interact with Maladex and Cardano protocol for the majority of the users. You will be designing tools that thousands of investors will use every day.

You'd be experienced in Next.js, React.js, Node.js, Webpack, and SCSS.

Knowledge of TypeScript is nice to have, but you can learn it on the job. Knowing Cardano is another nice to have.

UI/UX Designer

We look for UI/UX designers to be the champions of the users and come up with intuitive and aesthetic designs for all Maladex products.

You are going to design revolutionary front-end interfaces for tools usually kept behind closed doors and ones for novel trading concepts.

Having control of the visual aspects you will have direct impact how everyone interacts with the Maladex protocol and how they perceive it.

Software Reliability Engineer (SRE)

We look for SRE experienced with Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, cloud stack to develop and maintain the infrastructure.

Knowledge of computer security and best practices is a big plus.

You should be fluent in Linux and cloud technologies. Knowing GitHub and GitHub Actions is a big plus.