Maladex Initial Distribution FAQ

Who can participate in the initial distribution?

An initial distribution (ID), is a novel way to distribute the platform utility token to the community, enabling at the same time the community to support the project using the Cardano blockchain.

Users who wish to participate in our initial distribution can delegate their ADA using the Yoroi or Daedalus wallet to the public Maladex stake pools for any period which they choose. Each epoch delegators stake ADA, they participate in the initial distribution governed by the initial distribution formula.

This is not legal or financial advice. The Maladex initial distribution is utilizing the Cardano blockchain core functionality of delegating to a stake pool. To participate you can use a compatible ADA wallet such as Yoroi or Daedalus, search for Maladex initial distribution pools and delegate. Maladex operates initial distribution stake pools that provide validation and block writing functionality to the Cardano Network. In many countries the regulations around cryptocurrency and proof-of-stake are not clearly defined. We recommend everyone consult with a legal advisor in your jurisdiction.

How much MAL I get?

Please, note foremost that initial distribution is not an exchange of ADA for MAL. Each pool has its own allocation mechanism defined by the distribution formula. Each epoch there is a fixed amount to be distributed in the community, which we identify as the people delegating to the pool.

MAL is allocated every epoch according to the formula which has a whale-balancing mechanism, lottery ($$10\%$$ of $$M$$ is distributed via lottery), and other properties ensuring healthy token distribution in the community.

Once epoch concludes the initial distribution is updated in the distribution calculator.

How will I receive my MAL?

Initial distribution is going to run until the platform launch. Before the launch, a distribution mechanism will be designated and everyone with the allocation will either be sent distribution directly to the wallet from which they delegated their ADA to the initial distribution pools, or a claim mechanism will be provided on the Maladex site.

Are there other ways to get MAL?

Initial distribution is the only publicly available method to acquire MAL tokens.

What utility does MAL token provide?

MAL token utility is outlined in Maladex White Paper v1 in section 20.3 MAL Token Utility.

When will airdrop end?

An initial distribution will conclude prior to the platform launch.

How do I find my stake address?

Daedalus: Click the staking tab on the left, then on Rewards. You’ll see your rewards (staking) address here.

Yoroi browser extension: Click on your wallet, Receive, then Reward (on the left, directly under Dashboard). Your staking address will be at the bottom.


a) Open the wallet that you've delegated from and copy one of your receiving addresses

b) Search for it on

c) Underneath where it says MAL, click the link starting in stake1

d) You'll now see your staking address in your browser address bar, copy everything after

e) Paste this address into distribution

Do you have white paper?

Yes, you can read our white paper here: