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About Maladex

We are a group of researchers, quantitative financial devs and Haskell natives who are on a mission to create the future of financial markets. Providing an efficient market place for liquidity and capital to be put to work. We are firmly research based and believe our depth of experience will allow us to create an optimized platform which outperforms other DEXs.

We believe that all other DEX offerings are inherently inefficient. That is that they consume far more resources than is necessary and are in fact costing users. We believe we have the experience in quantitative mathematics and financial haskell development to deliver a DEX that is far more efficient than others. A more efficient use of capital will result in better returns, better user experience, and better reflects the actual state of the market. The DEX of tomorrow.


Maladex logo is written using Cinzel Decorative font with bold style (bold 700). You can view the font on Google Fonts and reference from here. Logo text is already provided using that font for your convenience in the below graphics section. The used font color is #e30000.


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